Operators Serve as Problem Solvers to Digital Nomads and Lone Travelers

Lone travel trends are on the rise and there are ways operators can accommodate soloists in every stage of their sojourn including using AI

The age of digital nomads and solo travelers is here to stay, and operators should take heed. So how can travel companies cater to their needs, not only with booking and accommodations but throughout the entire process?

Implement AI Chatbots to Assist Lone Travelers

Make that process part of the experience with AI. Think about it. Lone travelers lack companions to help in the planning and booking stages. The solo adventurer takes on all trip-planning tasks from beginning to end, which can be daunting. AI technology apps such as chatbots are virtual assistants for customers’ concerns and questions. With ever-advancing artificial intelligence and LLMs, chatbots have become more thoughtful in their responses, and in many ways mimic travel agents. That anachronism of the industry has evolved into an innovative real-time interaction advancement.

Such companies includes Zoho SalesIQ, HubSpot CRM and Conversica to name a few. Software like these enhance customer support and sales by tracking what visitors are asking and searching for. Chatbots then assist in answering questions in a user-friendly way that can be customized to fit a company brand. Operators can create customized bots that include basic inquiry responses ultimately freeing up valuable human time to address more personalized needs.

Offer Tours With a Local

Once-n-a-lifetime trips are dominating over traditional experiences and data reveals travelers are seeking deeper cultural exposure when exploring new places. Tour operators can assist lone travelers by tapping into their local tourism community and connecting visitors with knowledgeable local guides. For example, the marketplace model Withlocals is reshaping the travel world by providing unique cultural experiences and off-the-beaten-path destinations guided by locals.

The company’s platform is open to local community members offering tours of their towns and cities. Accordingly, their mission is to foster sustainable tourism while enhancing excursions by bringing people together for a shared cultural experience. Withlocals also hopes to bridge cultural gaps and offer sustainable tourism opportunities. Additionally, they hope to boost tourism in small lesser-known places subsequently taking the burden off of over-visited popular tourist destinations.

Embrace Location-Independent Lifestyles

In many aspects, the lone traveler and the digital nomad are very much alike in what they seek from trips. Many remote workers are utilizing small windows of extra time during business trips to enjoy downtime. Since the  pandemic, digital nomads have been on the rise and the trend isn’t seeing any signs of slowing. The term “workcation” fits nicely here and many people are using it to describe trips that are both work and pleasure-filled.

A company in Aruba has opened their beaches to those on workcations allowing travelers to enjoy the natural beauty while accomplishing work tasks. Other places like the Cayman Islands and Barbados are following suit to allow stays for up to 90 days without needing government documents like work visas. Working remotely in an office paradise would make most people rethink their career choices. In this case, operators may offer discounted rates for extended workcation stays, thereby drawing in a niche crowd. Digital nomads are willing to spend extra money to work remotely and have time to explore exotic locations. In fact, over 50% of travelers said they would extend their stays to allow for personal activities and local adventures.

In Conclusion

Tour operators and suppliers can leverage the niche market of lone travelers and digital nomads with a few simple tricks. Remember that it’s all about customer service. In the post-pandemic innovative age we find ourselves thrust into, streamlined thoughtful tools like chatbots, local tours and catering to the remote workforce are inevitably essential in todays market.

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