Listen Technologies Innovating Their Universal Assistive Listening Tools

The pioneer of audio-over-wi-fi technology, Listen Technologies, has done it again. The providers of assistive listening systems (ALS), multi-language audio transmission and live-streaming audio solutions were chosen for a second year to provide their innovative audio-visual (AV) system ListenTALK for tours at InfoComm 2023 in June.

Organized by AVIXA, InfoComm is the largest professional AV trade show in North America and had another successful event in June. By utilizing ListenTALK in guided tours, the barriers within group communication are removed, allowing for clear, concise and easy communication.

What is ListenTALK?

A top choice for use in crowded and noisy spaces such as convention centers, ListenTALK works indoors and outdoors with room for up to 20 guests. Tour guides speak in a normal voice which is transmitted crystal clear to each group member.

There are great aspects of this technology that are game changers for tour operators everywhere. ListenTALK offers amazing listening and guiding opportunities that are:

  • Reliable: Transceivers take just a few hours to charge with the leader unit lasting seven to eight hours and the participant units lasting up to 12
  • Flexible: One-way and two-way communication options as well as a 3-in-1 system for tours, interpretation and assistive listening
  • Secure: ListenTALK operates on a low-interference DECT (digital enhanced cordless telecommunications)
  • Safe: Transceivers can be sanitized with disinfecting wipes. They are also compatible with standard headsets and earbuds so guests can use their own equipment

ListenWIFI Unveiled

While at the InfoComm 2023 event, Listen Technologies unveiled their ListenWIFI, the new generation of audio-over-wi-fi solution for Listen EVERYWHERE. The updated system allows venues to broadcast audio to visitors’ smartphones using their wireless network.

The app is free and gives access to audio for use with earbuds or headphones. Personal induction loops are also available for hearing implant users. The application includes audio description, assistive listening and streaming audio from TV or video screens.

ListenWIFI is perfect to use in schools, museums, corporations, places of worship and many more venues. The ListenWIFI LWR-1050 receivers satisfy the legal requirements for assistive listening, complying with international standards and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) when used with neck loops and signage.