Peek Pro Introduces New Features

Peek Pro, a leading software provider for the tour and activity industry, has unveiled a suite of innovative features aimed at streamlining operations of tour and activity companies. These additions enable businesses to simplify processes, maximize efficiency, and enhance profitability.

The newly introduced features include:

  1. NEW Guest Tracker: Peek Pro’s enhanced booking flows now offer the Guest Tracker feature, enabling tour operators to capture guest headcount and charge per customer. By leveraging this functionality, companies can streamline check-in procedures, prevent overbookings, gain valuable customer insights, and ultimately increase revenue.
  2. Send Waiver Text Reminders: With automated text message reminders, Peek Pro ensures that all guests arrive with signed waivers. One hour before the scheduled activity, guests receive friendly prompts to complete their waivers, saving time for operators, mitigating liability risks, and ensuring a seamless guest experience.
  3. Ticket Totals on Manifests: Peek Pro’s manifest feature now includes detailed counts of equipment and guest types. Tour operators can easily view the number of rented equipment and the scheduled guest count per time slot. This comprehensive overview facilitates efficient resource management, optimized operations, and exceptional guest experiences.
  4. Check-In for Active Disputes: Peek Pro addresses the challenge of disputed charges by offering increased visibility of guests involved in ongoing disputes. Operators can access real-time dispute information from booking details or upon guest arrival using QR Code Check-In. This feature enables quick resolution, enhanced customer service, and improved guest satisfaction.
  5. Equipment Pool Redesign: Peek Pro’s redesigned equipment pool functionality provides operators with easy access to crucial information, such as daily totals for bookings, guests, and equipment. This enhanced visibility empowers businesses to make informed decisions regarding resource allocation, maintenance, and inventory management, ensuring a seamless rental process.

Tour and activity companies can now leverage Peek Pro’s innovative features to optimize operations, boost profitability, and deliver unforgettable experiences to their guests. Peek Pro remains committed to advancing the industry by providing cutting-edge solutions that help businesses thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape.

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